1st Digital Marketing & eCommerce Conference

Social media dominates nowadays people’s digital time. With the development of Social Web technology and internet technology (5G for instance), a novel socialized value co-creation approach has been evolving over time. The social media-enabled value creation approach has engendered new business models for online business such as Facebook commerce and Wechat commerce. It is interesting approaching how companies can extract maximum value from their social media strategy, and how companies leverage unique characteristics of social media, such as social interactions and product recommendations, to improve their marketing performance.

Social commerce, deemed as a combination of social media and ecommerce, has sparked increasing interests among digital marketing and ecommerce researchers, because it refreshes people’s perspective on what socialized ecommerce should be, how socialized commercial activities are conducted on social media platforms, and what factors facilitate social media users’ transactional behavior, as well as increase social ads’ conversion rates. Due to its distinctions from traditional ecommerce contexts, the socialized context can play a role in evolving and refreshing these aspects. For instance, when people are shopping on social media platforms, their product-seeking behavior is less oriented by their shopping goals, which is distinct from traditional ecommerce modes, in which shoppers have clearer shopping goals. Papers on any digital marketing and ecommerce-related topic are welcome, though topics more related to this conference edition’s main topic are particularly welcome, such as:

· User psychology and behavior in social commerce

· Influencer marketing in social commerce

· Social media monetization strategies

· Social commerce characteristics and their impact on user behavior

· Branding on social media

· Social media-based business model

· User privacy and security protection on social media

· Social video marketing and commerce, among others.