2nd Digital Marketing & eCommerce Conference

Firms have spent billions of dollars on social media marketing. In today’s socially connected world, social media has moved beyond a marketing channel, and can be a source of competitive advantage. In particular, fashion, beauty, travel & hospitality firms have witnessed the crucial role of social media marketing in growing their business.

Does social media marketing remain what it was when social media just started? The concept of social media marketing was coined almost a decade ago, but customer demands and technology advances have been evolving the essence and mechanism of social media marketing. On the one hand, customers want more convenience and better consumption experiences when using social media for commercial purposes such as discovering interesting products or services. On the other hand, mobile technology, cloud computing, 5G technology, ecommerce technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) have evolved social media features and social media content. People can find that today’s social media is fundamentally different from what it was. As a consequence, these two aspects have changed social media marketing. In terms of media formats, with the advent of 5G technology, social media marketing offer more smooth, interactive and immersive media formats such as social videos and live streaming. With respect to media content, social media has allowed recommending more personalized commercial content for customers. Precision marketing is becoming possible in today’s social media marketing campaigns. Today’s social media also enables users to create high-quality content by offering digital options and other content-enhancing features. Social media marketing is not solely completed by marketers. Research has revealed that user-generated content (UGC) also plays a key role in social media marketing. The enhancement of UGC quality can facilitate social media marketing performance. Regarding social media features, social media has offered AI-powered chatbots, one-click-to-checkout, online live interactions, AR-based lenses and others. These new features can substantially improve social media marketing effectiveness.

Papers on any digital marketing and ecommerce-related topic are welcome, though topics more related to this conference edition’s main topic are particularly welcome, such as:

  • The evolution of social media marketing
  •  New theoretical concepts (e.g., social media fatigue) in social media marketing
  •  New methods (e.g., influencer marketing) of social media marketing
  •  New technologies (AI, live streaming, etc.) used in social media marketing
  •  New customer characteristics in social media marketing
  •  Social media marketing as a source of competitive advantage
  •  Strategic deployment for social media marketing